Cash or Crash Live analysis

Cash or Crash Live is an online live casino game released in September of 2021 by the reputable Evolution Gaming Studios. It has gained massive popularity from players all around the globe. Here, we will look at what makes the game so popular, from the theme and visuals to the gameplay mechanics and bonus features. We will look at what differentiates this game from other online live casino games. 

Cash or Crash Live Developers

Founded in 2006, Evolution Gaming is one of the most popular game providers in the world, bringing some of the best online live casino games on the market now. Evolution Gaming is a multiple award-winning company and has been crowned Live Casino Supplier of the Year for ten successive years running at the EGR awards, with innovative staples such as Lightning Roulette being huge hits throughout the gambling world, proving the testament to the quality they bring to the games they create.

Evolution Gaming is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. It uses the highest-quality cameras, sound equipment, streaming devices, and professional dealers to emulate a real-life casino.

Cash or Crash Live Game Background 

Cash or Crash is set in a vibrant game show studio inspired by other TV shows. The game is set aboard an aeroplane with a background that shows a city full of towering skyscrapers and mountains within a metropolis. Typical of all live game shows, a specially trained presenter will be dressed as a flight host or hostess and help guide players through the game. At the centre, there is a spherical lottery machine filled with green, red, and gold balls, and a 20-step ladder pay table is shown virtually underneath the lotto machine.

How to play Cash or Crash Live

Cash or Crash has an easy-to-understand gameplay mechanic that also brings a lot of excitement and entertainment. The game is based on drawing balls from the lottery machine; the colour of the ball drawn decides the player’s outcome, and the different coloured balls have 

different frequencies within the lottery machine. These frequencies and outcomes are:

  • 19 Green Balls – When a green ball is drawn, players get to move up the pay ladder
  • 8 Red Balls – The player Crashes out and cannot play in the remaining rounds. The game will end unless a gold ball is drawn beforehand
  • 1 Gold Ball – This ball creates a shield for the player, meaning they cannot crash from a red ball

Now, when a player draws a green ball, the player then has 3 different options to choose from, which are:

  • Continue – The player can stay in the game with a chance of 100% of their potential winnings, and this is the default choice at the start of each new round.
  • Take Half – Players can cash out 50% of their winnings according to the pay table in return for their initial bet, reducing accordingly; the game then continues with the remaining bet amount. 
  • Take All—The player cashes out with 100% of their winnings, and the game ends with the winnings paid out at the end of the round.

Players who reach the top of the 20-step ladder can receive up to 50,000 times the original stake.

The game does not feature any typical bonus games. However, the golden ball can be seen as a bonus as it creates a shield to protect the player from crashing out of the game. 

Cash or Crash Live Mobile Play

Cash or Crash is supported by HTML 5 technology, which is perfect for players who want to play this game on other devices. HTML 5 technology allows the game to be cross-compatible, meaning the game will run smoothly on devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs.

Cash or Crash Live Review

This live casino game offers a lot of fun; the game has high-quality graphics, typical of Evolution Gaming products. The core gameplay has a lot of excitement, with plenty of different options for the player, making the experience enjoyable and interesting. With the offering of 50,000x for the best prize, the game offers a lot of options for the player and many different ways to win through the Take Half option and the Take All option. 

Evolution Gaming continues to create the highest-quality live games, with the dilemma of choosing greed or missing out on the next turn creating a really exciting atmosphere.

Other Games Similar to Cash or Crash Live

Evolution Gaming has created many impressive games, such as Crazy Time, a wheel-based live game. And Lightning Roulette has become immensely popular due to the game’s unique and interesting gameplay mechanics and features.